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About Me

I love people, technology and numbers.

I love to learn, tackle new challenges, crack problems and understand the human mind.

I'm driven by the desire to make the most of out this one life I have.

I grew up in a multicultural family as son of a German father and a Filipino mother.

My one year high school exchange in Santiago de Chile ignited the desire in me to explore the world and constantly seek new challenges. I have lived on five continents so far and have an insatiable curiosity for the fascinating diversity of today's world.

I have gone through a strongly quantitative education and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Besides my studies I have gained a wide range of experiences in multinational companies, IT consulting, startups, Venture Capital and own entrepreneurial projects.

I love to create, shape and inspire people. My dream is to build up a company one day solving the problem of insufficient access to education in third world countries. It's a long way there and until then I aspire to learn as much as possible to realize my dream.

If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough!

I believe in order to fulfill our full potential as a human we need a dream to burn for.

Most people in today's developed world live in a comfortable situation of considerable safety and stability. We can sit back and enjoy the float or take the paddle in our own hands and seek our passion.

I'm passionate about learning but more importantly helping other people how to learn. In conjunction with other people our impact and progress easily multiplies to new, unseen dimensions.

I love building stuff with technology, especially on the web. My favourite technologies are currently based on JavaScript on client and server side, especially React, React Native and GraphQL with Apollo. Further I'm into functional programming and neural networks.
I care most though about the patterns and paradigms than the technology itself. I love the individual style and expressiveness one's code has and enjoy reading well-structured, clean code.

I'm always open for conversations about technology, psychology, philosophy and life itself. Feel free to drop me an email below or connect with me on any of the mentioned networks.


Here are some of my most recent programming projects:
Not recent anymore :D Left for nostalgic reasons...

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